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Welcome to Kingfishers Class!


Welcome to our class page, our teachers are Miss Wheatley (Monday- Wednesday) and Mr Howard (Thursday and Friday) and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs McCarthy. We are a mixed class of Year2, Year 3 and Year 4 children. 

Week Beginning 30th November.

With Miss Wheatley, this week we will continue to look at addition, focusing on understanding the commutative law, and using our knowledge of place value to add a multiple of 10 to an given number. We will be finishing our unit of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, focusing on writing an explanation for a chocolate making machine. In science we are investigating which materials are magnetic and learning how to write an investigation. We will also be starting to make our Christmas pieces for the class FoDSW stall.


With Mr Howard, this week, children will be comparing their lives with those in Dinton in 1851. We have been looking at the census back then and what jobs people did. We will also write our own census information, so it will be useful if children know where they were born. Around 95% of people in 1851 were born within 5 miles of Dinton.

Children will also be doing a piece of extended writing. Year 2 will be practising for their phonics check next week and Year 3/4 focusing on times tables.

Any queries, please get in touch.

Week Beginning 23rd November

This week we have started a new writing unit exploring the characters and setting of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We will be looking at synonyms and using a website called Word Hippo to help us find exciting vocabulary and then going on to look at how Roald Dahl uses a narrative voice in his stories before writing our own opening.

In math we are continuing to build on out knowledge from last week, in particular knowing those all important number bonds! This in turn will aid our quick mental math skills to help with written calculations rather than counting on using our fingers.

We will be finishing our sketching skills unit by looking at hatching and cross hatching shading, drawing our own 3D shapes and using this skill to shade them, knowing where the light source is coming from.

In RE we are continuing to read about the creation of the earth and what this means to us, what we should be proud of and how we can care for ourselves and the world which God made us.

The long term plan for this academic year in Kingfisher class

Grovely Woods


Kingfishers had an exciting morning exploring parts of Grovely woods. Mr Howard led them on a (fast paced blush) walk discovering the Iron-Age Hanging Langford Camp, the old Roman road, where we attempted a Roman style march and even hunted for various Geocaches.

I think it was fair to say that the children were exhausted by the end of the walk, but impressed us all with their energy and enthusiasm all morning. We hope to do it again soon.