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Welcome to Kingfishers Class!


Welcome to our class page, our teachers are Miss Wheatley, Monday- Wednesday all day and Thursday and Friday mornings, Mrs Podraza Thursday afternoons and Mr Howard Friday afternoons. Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Broomhead and Mrs Southern. We are a mixed class of Year 3 and Year 4 children with Year 2s joining us in the afternoons.

Week Beginning 16th May


We are already at week 3, where is this term going?!



This week we move onto diary writing. We will be looking at a range of different diary entries, some from books that we may have read, some from times gone by. We will identify their common features to fully understand the genre. We will move onto creating settings, characters and plot with consideration for the audience and purpose.



Group 1: Contractions. Your child's spelling sheet will have the two words in red underneath. It is important that they learn which two words have been contacted to form the word and understand that the apostrophe represents the letter(s) missing.

group 2: Words families based on common words, showing how words are related in form and meaning.

Group 3: Adding the prefix ex- (meaning out).



This week will see us look at time. We will recap our prior knowledge, days, months years etc before moving onto reading and interpreting digital and analogue clock. Our Friday Problem Solving Day will see us looking at co-ordinates.



On a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon we will now be moving onto our Summer 1 science block. This will be our final unit looking at animals including humans.



Under the Microscope

On Tuesday, Year 4 went off to South Wilts Grammar School for an afternoon of examining various organisms under the microscope. They were able to make their own slides for looking at the cells of an onion skin, and how these were effected by adding a salt solution. They also made a slide to show the stomata of a leaf, and to understand how these opened and closed to allow a plant to respirate. Their last activity, and their favourite was to look at a live organism under the microscope. For this the lab technicians had harvested Tardigrades from moss. These fascinating creatures can survive in space (in a vacuum), exposure to extreme temperatures, extreme pressures (both high and low), air deprivation, radiationdehydration, and starvation — that would quickly kill most other known forms of life. One group even saw their Tardigrade eating an amoeba!

A small selection of the phone cases which years 2, 3 and 4 have made this term for their DT project.

Cricket Tournament Spring 2022

A huge well done to the Kingfisher cricket team. On Friday they played against other local schools. They did an amazing job and won ALL of their games, therefore winning the tournament.

A huge thank you to Mr Howard for coaching them at cricket club and to Coach for a quick refresher during multi-skills club.

A selection of the children's beautiful sketching which the class completed today using both pencil and fine line pens.

River Avon trip


Still image for this video

Hot Cross Buns

Still image for this video
A recording of Y3 in assembly

On Thursdays and Fridays children will be learning about 2D shapes, the ten commandments, rivers, letters and tennis.

The long term plan for this academic year in Kingfisher class

Grovely Woods


Kingfishers had an exciting morning exploring parts of Grovely woods. Mr Howard led them on a (fast paced blush) walk discovering the Iron-Age Hanging Langford Camp, the old Roman road, where we attempted a Roman style march and even hunted for various Geocaches.

I think it was fair to say that the children were exhausted by the end of the walk, but impressed us all with their energy and enthusiasm all morning. We hope to do it again soon.