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Parents Information

Parents in Partnership

We welcome parents and carers into our school believing we are partners in the education of your children.


There are many opportunities for parents to become involved in the work of the school. Parents’ time and expertise can be used in many ways in school and is greatly valued.


Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are carried out on all adults helping in school. If you are ever able to help, especially on a regular basis, please contact your child’s teacher.


Communication with Parents

The school communicates with parents/carers in various ways e.g. newsletters, questionnaires, interviews and informal evenings. Information is also placed here on our website, so please check back regularly. If you would like your newsletter electronically, please let the office have your email address and you can be added to the list.


All parents/carers are invited to Friday Celebration Assemblies (normally at 2.40pm every other week) whether your child is receiving an award or not, and there are regular parents consultation evenings. You are also invited to attend the winter and summer sports days, open days/evenings and children’s performances throughout the year. There are many other opportunities to meet governors and staff, both formally and informally.


The school has in place a Home/School Agreement and involves parents where possible in policy decisions. All key policies are available from the school office or the headteacher.


Pupil Progress and Feedback

As parents, the primary concern is to know how your child is getting on, with work and socially, so below you will find the key times when you will be invited into school.



We hold Parent Consultations Evenings at the end of Term 1 / start of Term 2 where parents are invited into school to meet with their child's teacher for a formal discussion about their work and the progress they are making. The main focus for these meetings is the child's achievements in the core subjects of reading, writing and maths although there will also be an opportunity to discuss progress in other areas of the curriculum. There is also an opportunity to see children's work at this meeting. 



We provide parents of children in Years 1 to 6 with a detailed written report  in March each year. This report outlines the achievements that the child has made across the curriculum and provides key targets in English and maths for them to work on during the remainder of the academic year.


A Parent Consultation Evening is held after the reports have been issued. This meeting is mainly aimed at parents who would like to discuss their child's report in more detail with the class teacher or who may have a query about their child's progress. We do not expect all parents to attend this consultation evening.


Parents of EYFS children do not receive a written report in the Spring and will therefore be invited into school to discuss their child's progress with the classteacher.



We provide parents of EYFS children with a detailed written report in July each year. Parents will also be given the opportunity to see their child's ‘learning journey’ at the end of the school year. Parents of children in Years 1 to 6 will receive a short written report outlining the progress they have made in the second part of the year as well as results of the Year 1 Phonics check and Key Stage 1 and 2 assessments as appropriate.


At any time of the year, if you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s work or time in school, you are welcome to ask for an after-school appointment to discuss matters with your child’s teacher or with the Headteacher. You are also entitled to see any data held in school about your child’s attainment. This request must be made in writing and the school is allowed a reasonable period to collate the information before passing it on to you.


The way in which we communicate progress throughout the year is an area which we strive to improve, so if you have any ideas or feedback then please do not hesitate to let us know via your class teacher, a governor, or directly to the Headteacher.



The behaviour at the school is very good and this is largely due to the consistent approach to behaviour by all the staff at the school and the co-operation of our parents. A high standard of behaviour is a priority for the school and there are anti-bullying and behaviour policies available from the office.


There are often stressful events or situations in a child’s home life. Many children express the emotions that they feel in uncharacteristic and sometimes disruptive behaviours. We do not want to pry into family life, but it would be very useful to let the class room teacher know when a child may be feeling stressed so we can be extra observant and supportive.


There are many positive rewards for good behaviour such as:-


  • a smile or verbal praise
  • stickers or stamps
  • sharing good work with adult
  • positive comments in contact book
  • earning extra "golden time"
  • House points


Every alternate Friday afternoon at 2.40pm we present awards to children during our Celebration Assembly  e.g. achievement certificates, soft toy to take home, Citizenship cup. Come and watch your child receive their award.