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Welcome to Robins Class!


Welcome to our class page, our teacher is Mrs Harvey and our Teaching Assistant is

Mrs White , we are a mixed class of reception and Year 1 children.


We use a play-based creative curriculum to cover the objectives in all the areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework as well as the Year 1 National Curriculum of 2014.   This is done through themes drawing upon the children's interests. We love to play and work in our spacious classroom and lovely Outdoor Area.  We also go on Welly Walks around the village and to Dinton Park as well as trips further afield.   We also welcome visitors and helpers from our very supportive parents, grandparents,  governors and local people in our community. 


Term 5 - It's a Bugs Life


We have been on a welly walk into the woods, looking for mini-beasts and looking at the lovely bluebells.  We found lots of slugs and woodlice, some bees burrowing into the ground and many spiders.  We laid out some of our play mini-beasts and recorded how many we had in tally charts, then worked with partners to create some bar charts.






Term 6 

We are continuing with our bugs, finding out about Ladybirds and the importance of bees.  During art week we will be creating swirls and twirls and following the book. 



We started Art week by observing a box of snails, gathered from Mr White's vegetable patch, they're actually faster than you think - unless you're trying to race them!  We looked at Matisse's picture of The Snail and then created some of our own snail collages.  While Mrs Harvey tried to keep control of the escaping snails, we wrote some twirling snail words and made some transient twirl patterns with coloured gems.




Have a look in our Gallery for more of our Art Pictures


Bee Week

We've been finding out about the importance of bees and how they pollinate plants.  We had a fun morning pollinating flowers with our 'special pollen'.  



Pollinating the flower



                                                                                                Taking the pollen back to the hive


We visited Dinton Park and the beehive at Philipps House and Paul, the NT Ranger showed us the bees and how the hive is gradually being replaced with new parts.





In July we had our class trip with Puffins to Monkey World, see school gallery for photos.