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Welcome to our class page, we are the Reception and Year 1, our teacher is Mrs Harvey and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs White.


We use a play-based creative curriculum to cover the objectives in all the areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework as well as following the KS1 curriculum for Years 1/2.  This is done through themes drawing upon our interests. We love to play and work in our spacious classroom and lovely Outdoor Area.  We also go on Welly Walks around the village and to Dinton Park as well as trips further afield.   


Please visit our Gallery to see what we have been up to since the beginning of September.                                         

Term 1 2021

Week beginning 18th October 2021

This week, we only have three days in school.  We will continue with phonics: Reception revising the sounds learned so far and learning the new sounds d o g, I will be sending home another activity for the letters/sounds learned so far and will be sending home a reading book containing these sounds and simple words to blend.  Year 1 will be ending phase 4 - consonant blends and Common exception words, ready to begin phase 5 in Term 2 (1st November).

This week in Maths, Reception will be making and continuing repeated patterns and Year 1 will be continuing with using the symbols < > = to compare numbers.  

We continue this week with our senses and writing a senses poem.

A little reminder that PE is on Tuesday and all children should be in school wearing their PE kit.

Our holiday begins on Thursday 21st October and we return to school on Monday 1st November, I hope you all have a lovely break.


Week beginning 11th October 2021

This week, Year 1 children have a spelling sheet with more common exception words.  They are beginning to get used to the Monday dictations and remembering to use capital letters and full stops in the sentences.  In phonics this week, we continue with revision of phase 3 sounds and finish off phase 4 blends.  The Reception children will be revising s a t p and learning i n m and will have a go at forming the letters on a whiteboard.


In maths, Year 1 children are representing numbers to 10 in different ways, knowing one more and one less of a number and learning to compare numbers and objects by using the symbols < = >.  Reception children will be comparing size and amounts, using the vocabulary of larger, bigger, smaller, more than and less than.


Last week, following a lovely walk around the village, the Year 1 children attempted to draw some maps of our walk, we will continue this week by making a large map and placing on it some photos of our walk in the correct places.


In science/Understanding the World, the children will be finding out about our senses with a variety of activities.

The children will be finding out about different types of portraits and looking at some of the work of Picasso.


We have parents evenings on Monday and Tuesday.


Week beginning 4th October 2021

This week, Year 1 children will be bringing home their second spelling sheet to learn their spellings at home and will be tested next Monday with a couple of sentences dictated to them.  The words may also contain words taught in previous weeks to ensure that the children remember the spelling.  In phonics they will continue to look at phase 4 blends for reading and spelling eg. bluff, spend, burst etc.  They will also be revisiting the phase 3 digraphs taught last year.

Reception children will be starting phonics this week, with the sounds s  a  t  p , you can help at home by pointing out the letters in books, shops, signs etc. 


Both Year groups have been taking home their reading books. In Reception, these are currently picture books for you and your child to share and talk about.  Year 1 children have books allocated to their level of reading and phonic ability.  Don't forget that inside the back cover of your child's reading record there are the passwords and usernames for Bug club, our online reading activity.  Every child has books allocated to them and those that read them will have their names added to the end of term book draw.


Thank you to all parents who have sent in a baby photo, the children have loved guessing who the babies are and have suggested many ways that their friends have changed as they have grown.  This week as part of our 'Good to be Me' topic, we will be looking at  parts of our body and naming them and comparing foot sizes to see how they differ.  

We have been learning a poem based on the Goldilocks story and will be linking parts of the story to the 5 senses, as well as reading other stories about growing and senses.


Tuesday is PE, so all children should come into school in their PE kit.


On Thursday, I am planning on taking the children for a walk around the village, looking at road signs, buildings and providing the opportunity for the children to develop an awareness of their surrounding environment.  Hopefully this will produce some simple maps.  


In Maths, Year 1 are continuing with place value up to 10 and sequencing of numbers forwards and backwards as well as representing them in different ways and understanding what one more and one less means.

Reception children will continue with their unit of 'Just Like Me', matching and sorting objects and finding the odd one out, comparing objects and creating some simple patterns.


On Friday, we have our Harvest Worship at St Mary's Church.


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