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Monday 6th February 2023


This week, we will still think about Internet Safety - which is linked to Internet Safety Day that this year falls on the 7th February. Please do take a moment to ensure you have appropriate parental settings applied to any devices your child has access to.  Children are really technology savvy these days!


It was assessment week in Phonics, we are pleased to confirm that most children are on track and those he need extra support will have more accurate phonics interventions to help them close the gap.  We will continue with daily phonics input, no new sounds this week.  Please continue to hear your child read as often as possible, it really contributes towards being more fluent in reading and in writing. The children will get a complete list of harder to read and spell words learned so far so that you can help them memorise them over half term.


In English, our book we will focus on We are Going on a Bear Hunt. Robins will have plenty opportunities for independent writing and using their sounds.


In maths, our focus is comparison. The comparison of quantities is something that children begin to do as babies. When comparing, children notice attributes and begin to understand differences and similarities. The activities this week will focus on further developing this innate skill as the children are encouraged to focus exclusively on the numerosity of sets, without being diverted by colour, shape or size. They will then be encouraged to notice when quantities are equal or unequal, and will begin to consider how they can manipulate the number of objects in 2 sets to make them equal.Language is a key focus and adults will need to reinforce the language of ‘more than’, ‘fewer than’ and ‘an equal number’ to describe how many objects there are in each set. ‘Fewer than’ is used rather than ‘less than’, as the focus is on countable things.


Mrs Podraza and Miss Wheatley 


Communication and Language

The children will interact with others, negotiating plans and activities and taking turns in conversation. Robins will focus on sustaining attentive listening, responding to what they have heard by relevant comments, questions or actions.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


I can say how I feel when I achieve a goal and know what it means to feel proud.

Physical Development

We will continue to build on our skills already learnt, focusing on how we can use the space around us and move in a variety of ways. We will also focus on listening and following instructions, incorporating songs and poems into PE. 


The children will continue to retell the stories using the structure of beginning, middle and end and also using simple ordering vocabulary such as first, next and finally as well as creating story maps. We will listen to a poem as a stimulus for writing. 



This week, the children will engage with activities that develop their understanding of comparison. 

Understanding the World


We will talk about special books in all religions.. We will think about different types of animals, where do they live, what do they eat. Robins will learn about Internet Safety. 

Expressive Arts and Design

Robins will make collages of one of the environments that the characters pass through on their way to the bear. Encourage them to think carefully about what the place is like, and to choose appropriate materials to portray this. 


Ideas to Explore at Home

Look at books about animals and think what is their natural habitat. What do they eat? Do they all sleep at night?  Why do some animals change colour?

Practise writing numbers 1- 6, you could paint them, write them in flour or just using a pencil. Use the language whole and part to compose and de-compose the number 4 and 5. Find circles and triangles around your homes. Count the corners and the sides. Play shops - choosing items, finding the right amount of money etc. Look at the road signs. Maths is everywhere!




Below, you will find the sounds in each Phase, with the corresponding grapheme sheets, showing the pictures and the captions.  Feel free to download and print these off, they can be used as flashcards and information for parents.


Amazing Animals Knowledge Organiser

All about me Knowledge Organiser