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Monday 27th June 2022


What a week we had last week! Please see the pictures of our forest session we had last Thursday attached as well as those of the children reciting poetry. It took a lot of courage to perform a little recital of previously written children's work.


We have completed the maths programme for this year which means we can move on onto consolidation. We will go over whatever children might have found more challenging this year to establish and secure understanding. We want the children to be confident around year 2 curriculum so that they are ready for transition into year 3.


In English we are looking at narrative texts and our core text is 'The Ocean Express'. We will then write a range of narratives and instructions, using contractions, conjunctions, subordinates.



Tuesday 20th June 2022,


I hope you had a peaceful weekend and you look forward starting week 3 of Summer term 2.


This week in English we will be finishing off our non-fiction books - the children had put some much effort last week into creating some amazing pieces. Then we will look at Poetry - we will choose favourite poems and will have a go at writing their own concentrating on including some homophones and near-homophones.


In Phonics we will be focusing on suffixes  -ness and -ment. Please encourage your children to give you some examples of those from their home life. Perhaps they need more cleanliness in their bedrooms?


In Maths we are continuing to learn about all aspects of measurement - capacity, volume and time. After this time, we will have time for consolidation until we break up.


In PSHE we will be thinking about different stages of our lives and how we change. We will learn to appreciate that this is a natural process and we can't stop it.


In RE we will be learning about Bar/Bat Mitzvah to sum up what we already know about Jews' commitment to God.


Don't forget, this Thursday there is Forest School for Y2's ,


Have a lovely week,

Mrs Podraza





Monday 13th June,


This last (!) term our topic in English focuses on Transport and Travelling. We will look and different means of of transport and learn that sometimes travelling can be imaginative thanks to reading books and using our imagination. The children will will be introduced to a selection of non-fiction books, as well as a range of poetry and narrative. Our spelling and grammar focus will be on using apostrophes for contraction and, using sentences with different formats: statement, command, exclamation and question. The children will be encouraged to use expanded noun phrases and using interesting adjectives to enhance writing and expand vocabulary. 


In Maths we are looking at the last unit this year - measurement. We will continue to measure mass in grams and kilograms and start looking at capacity using millilitres and litres. Please don't hesitate to ask questions when baking or preparing drinks - this is always a great opportunity to link what we do at school with every day's life activities. 


In PSHE we will be thinking about changes within our bodies and we learn to use correct terminology for all body parts. We will establish that it is ok to feel anxious about changes in our bodies and learn to accept this as natural cycle of life.


In RE our key question that we will try answer will be - What commitments Jews have to show their respect to God.


Our topic in History is Old Sarum and Salisbury Cathedral. We will have plenty of exciting projects to complete and try to answer our key question : Why did they leave Old Sarum for a new city?


Please continue to hear your children read and practise spellings this has helped enormously with improving reading fluency and using correct spellings so far!

Friday 27th May 2022



Dear Parents/Carers,


We have had a short but very exciting half term, thank you all for your help and support over the last couple of weeks.


I haven't sent and homework as this will be presumably really busy week with all Jubilee celebrations and plans you might have made. If you would like something sent to keep your child occupied though I am more than happy to provide it.


SAT's results will be shared with you in end of school report which you should get in July, please stay reassured - the children did they best.


Have a wonderful week,

Justyna Podraza 

Monday 9th May 2022,


What a blissful weather to enjoy!


This week we are focusing on letter writing in English - looking at formal and informal letters and think about all the reason we write and receive letters. We will then write a thank you letter to Willy Wonka for our hot chocolate tasting session we will have this Wednesday. 


In Maths, we are learning position and directions - children will have plenty of opportunities to describe the position of different objects - please ask them to show you at home.


Please remember to practise spellings and hear your children read. 


Have a lovely week,

Mrs Podraza

Tuesday 3rd May 2022


Welcome back after hopefully a relaxing Early May Bank Holiday weekend.


This weak in English we are exploring our Chocolate Topic further, learn about the history of Chocolate and  we will use descriptive writing to describe a Chocolate Room from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.


In maths, we are comparing lengths, using cm and m. Please ask your child to find items shorter than 1m and items longer that 1m in your house. Can they estimate their length without the measuring equipment?


In Phonics we are adding suffix ed to make past tense. 


In RE we are exploring the topic of Convenant and learn about special relationship Jews have with God.


PSHE this term is all about different types of families.


Please remember, as of this week children don't come to school wearing their PE kit, we are going back to what it was pre Covid - children will change into their PE kit at school. 


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Podraza




Monday 25th April 2022


Welcome back!


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break being blessed with this wonderful weather we have had. 


This term in English our main topic will be Chocolate. As readers and writers we will: write an information leaflet on fair trade, write a tourism brochure for a city, write a mixed up poem, use paragraphs, use subheadings, use expanded noun phrases, use an increasing range of punctuation, write factually and technically, answer retrieval questions, answer inference questions and make predictions. 


Maths we start with measurements - length and heights. 


RE - The Covenant and 10 Commandments


PSHE - All about different types of families.


History = we will compare physical and human features of Salisbury and Cracow. 


Have a lovely week

Mrs Podraza

Phonics equation

Monday 4th April 2022


It is the last week of Spring term! Sounds surreal that it would be Summer term after Easter, especially with the recent cold weather. 


The last week is dedicated to wrap up ongoing blocks and topics - we will finish working on fractions in maths, and our topic in English will come to the end. We will take part in live body percussion session, which is bound to be fun for the children.


There will be some Easter homework sent home, please don't worry about deadlines if you have planned trips or outings etc. just try and do what you and your children can.


Happy Easter everyone!!! 

Marwell Zoo Visit

Monday 21st March 2022


It's the first day of calendar spring. We have been really lucky with lovely weather recently.


This week in English we are looking at naming and describing feelings and emotions to help us make character cards to play on Friday. We will also recap what we know about contractions and suffixes. 


In Maths, we are starting a new block - Fractions. Next time you slice your pizza or cake, don't forget to ask your children about equal parts .


In RE, we are making a collage to show what we Christians think God is like. 


In History we will be comparing Elisabeth I with Elisabeth II.


Have a lovely week,

Mrs Podraza

Monday, 14th March 2022


Welcome back after the lovely weekend.  The weather was really amazing, enabling us to spend plenty of time outside. 


This week, in English we will continue our topic Ourselves. We will label body parts along with writing a sentence about what is each part used for.  The children will be encouraged to be more precise with their labelling - and instead of writing 'leg' we will label each part of the leg i.e. 'calf', 'shin', 'thigh' etc.  We will also compare fiction and non-fiction books and practise gathering information from the latter, to help us plan and write a report about our bodies and ways of keeping them healthy. 


In Maths, we will now be learning about 3D shapes- how to sort, make patterns, count vertices, faces and edges. This will be the last week of learning about shapes, so we will finish this block with a short assessment to establish and secure understanding. 


In RE, we are still exploring our key question - What Christians believe God is like? In the previous lesson we familiarised ourselves with the story of Lost Son, this week we will study the Story of Jonah. 


Please return half term homework if you have not already.


Have a lovely week,

Mrs Podraza

Monday 7th March 2022,


Welcome back after hopefully a relaxing weekend.


Those of you who have not yet returned the half term homework please could you send them to school soon. There are house points and certificates waiting for the children, to recognise their hard work.


Please make sure the children do practise their spelling - we had an amazing improvement in term 3 in spelling accuracy, let's keep up this great work!


This week, in English we will continue our focus on this term's book Funnybones - the children will create a story map, plan and write a report and become spelling, grammar and punctuation detectives to spot mistakes in Standard English. 


In Maths, we are still working with 2D shapes, we will draw and sort shapes and learn about lines of symmetry. We will then introduce 3D shapes. 


Phonics - all about adding suffixes. Ask your children to spot -ing and -ed in books they read and think about identifying verbs and use them correctly in a sentence. 


In History we will look closely at Neil Armstrong's achievements, those who went with him on his most famous mission and those working behind the scenes who added to his success. 


RE - our main concept is God and Key Question we will try to find the answer to is What do Christians believe God is like?


PSHE - What I can do to stay healthy and what can motivate me to make good choices?


Have a lovely week,

Mrs Podraza

Tuesday 1st March 2022,


Hope you all had a lovely half term. 


This term we are starting our new topic in English - Ourselves. This week, we will read the book Funnybones and think about our bodies inside and out. We will look at different sentence types and work on retelling the story and creating story maps. 


In Maths we are starting a new topic - 2d and 3d shapes - we will focus on recognising, making and drawing shapes, as well as counting sides and vertices. 


Our English Topic links well with PSHE which this term is all about healthy me. 


Spellings will go out this Tuesday for Monday the 7th test. 


All the best,

Mrs Podraza

Home Learning Friday 18th February


Due to the school closure, below I have attached maths activities for the children to complete. The maths leads on from what we have been covering this week looking at pictograms. 

In English our task was to recite poems we wrote on Thursday, please could children try and write more animal poems and recite them to you? Please ensure correct intonation. 

Luckily, the children had been given out half term work before the school closure, so plenty to keep them amused,

As always, do log in on Active learn - Book Bug to read books, numbots and TT Rockstars to practise maths. 



Spr2.6.4 - Block Diagrams on Vimeo 

Please complete the relevant page in exercise books sent home this Thursday. 




Monday 14th February 2022


Together, we made it and after nearly 7 weeks of intense work we can enjoy half term break next week. I do hope you have a pleasant time whatever your plans might be.


This week, we have no spellings to take home, instead I will be sending some homework either on Thursday or Friday to keep your child amused during half term.


Please continue to hear your child read daily, it has been amazing to witness so much progress in reading fluency. 


As for spellings, all the children have made a huge progress, so I have decided to recognise it by giving all the children a Top Speller Certificate.  This decision was made together with the children after reviewing all spelling charts since September. Well done!


This week, in English we are looking at some animal poems. Our objective will be to listen to, discuss and express views about a wide range of contemporary and classic poetry and to learn  new ways pf spelling phonemes including homophones and near-homophones. We will then try and write our own poems and recite them on Friday. 


In Maths it is a final week of statistics. I must admit the children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic, independently and spontaneously making pictograms and tally charts.


Have a lovely half term, 

Best wishes

Mrs Podraza

Monday 7th February 


I find it hard to believe that we break up for half term next Friday. All these weeks have passed in a blink of an eye. Time goes fast when you have fun and this certainly has been the case in Woodpeckers.


This week sees us start a new block in maths - statistics. We have already made a several tally charts to prove that this is an excellent tool for keeping records. Next time you want your child to count a group of objects, fruits etc. ask them to use a tally. It's been really popular,


In English, we will have an excellent opportunity to open our own zoos - if only imaginatory . Children will plan and prepare a big write about their project.  We will also look at brochures and zoo leaflets and try and create our own to work with our zoos. I can't wait to see all the lovely enclosures that the children have already included in their plans. 


Please remember a PE day is still on a Tuesday, children come in their PE kit. We test spellings on a Monday and the recorders with Mr Walker is on Wednesdays. 


As always, please do either write an email or ask your child to fetch me out in the morning, I am always available should you need me. 


 Mrs Podraza


Monday 31st January 


Last week's highlights were definitely our Monday Passover Meal and the launch of a new Save The World Club - by Juno. Please see the pictures below.


It is so satisfying seeing how children are inspired to make big changes for us. This Saturday there will be a litter picking even, meet at 10 by the Old Shop. See Dinton Facebook page for more details.


This week we will learn about the importance of prayer in Islam . The children loved stopping whatever they had been doing today when they heard the chime to see how it might be for Muslims doing so. 


In Maths we are learning division and odd and even numbers. This is the last week of multiplication and division. 


This week's highlight will probably be Number Day this Friday. A whole day of exciting activities. Maths can be fun!


Have a lovely week,




Woodpeckers class is a small class of 11 children. They are taught by Mrs Podraza every morning before joining Kingfisher class for topics in the afternoon.

Monday 24th January


Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Can't believe we are into week 4 already!


This week's highlight will be our Passover meal on Monday. We will try all traditional elements of Seder meal, topped up with a yummy dessert! 


In English, we will continue exploring our topic - Zoo by starting with a virtual visit to Longleat. We will then plan and write a recount, remembering to use past tense. We will refresh our knowledge about coordinate conjunctions and introduce subordinates. 


In Maths we will wrap up the topic of sharing and making equal groups.


Please continue to practise spellings and hear your children read - it's been amazing to see so much of an improvement recently. Well done !


Have a lovely week,

Mrs Podraza


Monday 17th January


What a week last week was! The children were really engaged in  all our tasks and activities and the zoo theme proved to be really interesting.


In RE, we learned about who, when and where founded Judaism - it was fascinating to observe how much information the children were able to  retain from only 1 lesson - next day myself and Mrs Broomhead checked the understanding and the answers were really impressive. I love to see how well at thinking critically the children in our school are.  This week we will look at the symbols important in Judaism and will try and sort them from very important ones to those less important and why.


Next week in English we will focus on sequencing the story and think of alternative scenarios. How would the story could be written from the viewpoint of animals? We will continue with coordinate and subordinate conjunctions. 


In Maths, we are finishing off sorting objects into equal groups, making and reading arrays and making doubles to help us learn times tables - we will start with 2's, 5's and 10's. 


In Phonics we will continue with spelling, grammar and punctuation rules, in order to become fluent readers and writers. It was much delight moving some children up in their reading bands. Well done for reading daily, please continue to do so. The children are encouraged to independently put their read books in the basket to have them changed. Please make sure reading books and records are in their bags daily. 


What recently has become increasingly popular in Woodpeckers - most children started to write their own chapter books. I am delighted to see so much spontaneous  effort and I am really excited to hear the children read them out. 


Have an amazing week!

Welcome to Spring Term,


Our theme in English this term is Zoo. During this half-term, the children will learn to read a story at different levels and discuss fiction and non- fiction books. We will learn about conjunctions and use them in writing and learn how to combine sentences using subordination and coordination. The children will be encouraged to see things from different viewpoints, to ask questions about a text and use questions to improve writing. We will also continue to write and edit recounts. There will be an opportunity to explore poetry to recite with confidence and use a range of homophones. 


This links well with our Geography theme this term - we are learning about Biomes, plants and animals in different environments and climate zones. 


In Maths we start with mastering our multiplication and division skills by making and adding equal groups and then we will learn times tables and statisticks - tally charts and pictograms. 


Our theme in RE is Passover - Judaism and Prayer - Islam. 


Please check for detailed weekly updates,



Mrs Justyna Podraza



Christmas Fun

What a week last week was! The cherry on top was obviously our amazing nativity play -' It's a party!' Thank you those who could make it. I hope you had as much fun as I did :)

Monday, 22nd November 2021


We had a really eventful week last week and we are ready to focus and concentrate after a relaxing weekend.


In English, we will continue our Fairy Tales topic - the children will expand on writing their stories. We will also recap instruction reading, writing and following. We will try and follow some poor instructions as well as some really good instructions to compare results and appreciate the latter.


In Maths we will still be learning about money - it was really lovely to hear some lovely discussions about money, change, prices etc. whilst we were making some purchases at the gift shop during our recent trip. 


Next week will see us rehearsing for our nativity play. The children have been making an amazing progress.


Mrs Podraza

Monday 15th November 2021


Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and the children are ready for more challenges this week.


The most exciting element of this week will surely be our school trip - we are very excited that we can go to The Tutenkhamun Exibition in Dorchester to enhance our history topic - Ancient Egyptians. 


On Wednesday, we will be having a virtual visitor in our class - we will connect with the author Robert Starling to talk about his work.


In English, we will continue to work around Fairy Tales - so far the children have explored a variety of stories, acted The Three Wishes, written descriptions of different settings and characters, put their own story plan in place in order to help them write their own Fairy Tale. This week will see us finalising story drafts and writing the main story.


In Maths - it's all about money! The children have really enjoyed this topic and are very eager on going to greater depth with calculating and comparing money.


PSHE - It's Anti-Bullying week and our work will focus on this matter. We will think what bullying means, why people bully, what feelings it results in and what we can do to prevent it.


Please check for regular updates,

Have a wonderful week.

Mrs Podraza

Monday 8th of November 2021


This week in English we will continue exploring the topic of Fairy Tales. Our focus will be the story settings. The children will describe various story settings and eventually will come up with their own, exciting setting. This will help us draw a story plan to write the fairy tale story the following week. 


In Maths we are starting a new topic - Money. I was surprised to see how much the children already know about money - this will help us count and compare money -pence, pounds, notes and coins. You may have some great helpers whilst out shopping !


In PSHE we have established that there are some stereotypes about boys and girls that can be hurtful. This week we will be thinking about differences and accepting the fact that boys and girl are different in some aspects. 


Topic will see us looking at ways of reducing single use plastic.  I can't wait to hear ideas and suggestions from the children. The future of our planet is in our hands!


Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and warm

Mrs Podraza

Monday, 1st of November


Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a delightful break.


This week in English we are starting to explore the Fairy Tales -  we will be looking at differences and similarities, settings, elements and characters. 


In Maths we are adding and subtracting two 2-digit numbers using different methods -  putting the larger number in our head and counting back or forth, using the column method or our knowledge of number bonds. 


Our Topic this term is Looking after our planet - we will be looking at ways of reducing our carbon footprint, supporting local farmers, saving electricity, water and fuel, buying second hand etc. So much to think about!


In RE we are still learning about Gospel, what good news Jesus brings us and what an amazing impact a prayer may have.


Have a wonderful week!

Mrs Podraza

Monday, 10th October 2021


This week, in English we will be trying to invent a healthy pizza. What flour could we use? Are there any toppings that could provide those five a day that we aim to eat daily? Who knows, perhaps we could compete with Dominoes? 


In Maths, we will be focusing on number bonds to 100, adding and subtracting in 1's,10's and 10 more and 10 lass than a given number.

Please continue using numbots - this week the children will get their certificates for a great effort they have been making. Well done!


In RE we will master our thank you prayers and in PSHE we will be chatting about making the right choices. 



Welcome to Woodpeckers class!


Monday, 4th of October


We will be continuously focusing on our topic in all areas of learning - Healthy Eating. Last week we followed a delicious recipe for a healthy rainbow fruit salad - it was a real pleasure to hear comments like 'This is the best lesson ever', 'Oh I can't wait to try this yummy salad'. What else I could ask for? Pictures to follow. 


In Maths we have been securing our knowledge and understanding of Place Value, Comparing objects and numbers - this week we will be focusing on Addition and Subtraction - Fact families, number bonds to 100, adding three 1 digit numbers.


In English, we will be exploring different types of recipes, inventing food packaging - our aim will be to understand what are and use imperative verbs, practise writing of expanded noun phrases and making our writing more interesting by adding adjectives to enhance our vocabulary. 


Religious education will see us learning about Gospel - we will think of different types of prayers and try to come up with our own, special prayers. Harvest Service is upon us - the children prepared some beautiful pictures and will have a couple of lines to say in church. 


PSHE - we have been thinking about rewards and responsibilities and come up with our Class rules - they would help us make the right choices and following them will certainly make our class a safe and inspiring place to learn and flourish.


Have a wonderful week - please do get in touch if you ever have any questions however big or small :)


Mrs Podraza