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Welcome to Eagles page!


Eagles is a delightful class of hardworking children who are making the most of all the many opportunities available to them.


Mrs Andrews is the class teacher - she really enjoys teaching Years 5 and 6 and has years of experience with these age groups.  We are very lucky to have Mrs Southern as our TA.


In addition to English and Maths, the children study a wide range of cross-curricular topics. In History, their research includes the World War II and the Ancient Greeks - with a visit to Tisbury by train as an evacuee and creating a Greek temple in their classroom! In Geography, the children study the Rainforests in North and South America.! 


Outdoor pursuits are encouraged in Eagles class with children experiencing the delights of abseiling, raft building, archery, and the zip wire, resulting in lots of team building!! We also participate in a whole range of sporting activities, including, tag rugby, athletics, cricket, hockey, high 5’s, football and the Mini Marathon.



Knowledge Organisors Summer 2022


Monday 23rd May 2022

First of all, let us give a big 'Good Luck' to all those children taking part in the Salisbury Schools' Mini Marathon tomorrow.  I know you will all do your best, but most importantly enjoy yourselves!  Do wear your medals to school on Monday!


This week in english, we are moving on to writing a story of our own choice.  We will revisit the structure of the story to ensure the ending, is as good as the beginning!  The children will be thinking of sentence structure, vocabulary and the use of dialogue.  New spellings will go out on Monday as usual.

We will continue with angles in maths.  We have started to find missing angles on a straight line, around a point and opposite angles.  We will be explaining what we can do by using correct mathematical vocabulary and then apply our understanding to problem solving. 


In topic, we will be investigating why Britain changed from a rural society to an urban one during the Victorian time.  We will look at census data and suggest reasons for the move.  We will show empathy to those families having to make the decision to leave their home.


With our topic of Hinduism in R.E. we will be comparing the idea of Samsara with that of the Christian belief of life after death in heaven.

As we were unable to cover our science session this week, due to the day out playing in the cricket tournament or orienteering in Dinton Park, we will be carrying out the lesson on water resistance as detailed on last weeks page.  To ensure we are on track with our science plan, we will carry out another investigation based on gravity.


Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

Monday 16th May 2022

First of all, a big well done to Year 6 for showing such a positive approach to the way the undertook their SATs test papers last week.  it was so good to see many at breakfast and I think being calm, and playing a few games each day, certainly helped.  We are proud of you all for trying your best! 


This week, we are back on our timetable and learning new things.  In english, we will be looking at biographies.  We will focus on the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel which will link with our history topic of the Industrial Revolution.  We will start by indentifying the common features of a biography, how we can gather information and organise our writing.

Angles is our focus in maths.  We will start by recognising acute, obtuse and reflex angles and then become confident drawing and measuring angles using a protractor.


Our history topic of the Industrial Revolution continues by looking at life in the rural villages and how things changed when machinery came about and people began to move to the cities.

In science we will be explaining water resistance, carrying out an enquiry to test a shape's impact. We will plan a fair test, concluding with which shape was slowest and fastest, giving reasons why.  We will consider if surface area can affect speed.

With Hinduism our topic in R.E. we will look at the story of Prince Rama.  We will give reasons why this is an example of doing one's duty and good deeds.  We will explain how belief in Karma helps Hindus lead good lives.

Many of the class are taking part in the mini marathon on Saturday 21st May.  We wish them the best of luck. Do wear your medals to school on the following Monday!


Enjoy the weather this weekend and have fun!




Wear a hat to school day! They were absolutely brilliant!

Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th March 2022  Bikeability

Year 6 impressed the instructor with their cycling skills!

Double Page Instructions. A big thank you to Mrs Southern who followed Corey's instructions and made some delicious cookies for us all!

Woody very proud of his medal!

Knowledge Organisers for Autumn 2021

The final product ... The Anderson Shelters

Anderson Shelters under construction!