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Welcome to Eagles page!


Eagles is a delightful class of hardworking children who are making the most of all the many opportunities available to them.


Mrs Andrews is the class teacher - she really enjoys teaching Years 5 and 6 and has years of experience with these age groups.  We are very lucky to have Mrs Southern as our TA.


In addition to English and Maths, the children study a wide range of cross-curricular topics. In History, their research includes the World War II and the Ancient Greeks - with a visit to Tisbury by train as an evacuee and creating a Greek temple in their classroom! In Geography, the children study the Rainforests in North and South America.! 


Outdoor pursuits are encouraged in Eagles class with children experiencing the delights of abseiling, raft building, archery, and the zip wire, resulting in lots of team building!! We also participate in a whole range of sporting activities, including, tag rugby, athletics, cricket, hockey, high 5’s, football and the Mini Marathon.



Week beginning Monday 19th September 2022


First of all, please remember Monday 19th September is a bank holiday and the school will be closed.


This week in English, we will be continuing with our own myth, deciding on the country it is based and the character who will change into an animal (with certain features).  I will be structuring the sections of the myth and the children will change it according to their ideas.  Our focus will be on vocabulary, speech and continuity.

We will continue our work on expanded noun phrases in our SPaG lesson.

As I am out of school on Tuesday, spelling dictations will be on Wednesday and I will also hand out the new spelling sheets.


Place value is the area of maths we are working on.  This week, we will be reading and writing numbers to 10,000,000, looking at powers of 10 and comparing/ordering integers. Of course, certain children will extend their challenges to include reasoning and problem solving.

Times Tables focus is x8 and x9.


As our topic on the Greeks and Romans continue, we will focus on the legacies of the Greeks and how significant they are on our life today.


In science, we will investigate how major astronomical theories and discoveries were made.  The children seem very interested in the topic and ask well thought out questions.  

We have started to look at how Muslims show commitment to God in RE.  We will focus on places where they worship and how and why they behave in a certain manner.


The homework set over this weekend can still come in on Tuesday 20th September.  I will give out the Maths homework on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

Any queries, please email me.




Monday 26th September 2022

Please note:  the spellings that went out on Wednesday have been muddled up with another year group.  We have an issue with printers at the school at the moment so as you can imagine we have had a few errors with who is receiving what.  Therefore, I have abandoned the sheets and dictation planned for this coming Monday and we will start fresh with the new spellings.


In english, we have started creating our own myth.  We have selected the purpose of the myth, the animal involved and the country it is from.  Our focus is going to be sequencing the storyline, using exciting vocab and looking at paragraphs - the effect of short and long paragraphs.

SPaG homework will be a follow on from class work involving a comma to include extra information.


Place value is our focus in maths.  We will be partitioning numbers and using number lines to estimate the value of an empty box.  We will progress to comparing, ordering and rounding integers.  I will continue with the daily mental tests to develop the brain to withdraw important facts.  The focus for times tables will be x11 and x12.

This week we will start Guided Number which will support the sheets the children have for homework.


In topic, we will focus on the Roman army and why it was so strong.  This leads us to investigate the growth of the Roman Empire and the reasons for it.

Continuing with the topic of the Earth and Space in science, we be looking at the movement of the Sun, Earth and Moon in relation to each other.  We will understand that the planets orbit around the Sun and the Moon orbits around the Earth.

After having looked at our own commitment in school, home and the wider world, we will focus on how Muslims show commitment to God in RE - some more than others.


Have a lovely weekend  


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