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Welcome to Eagles page!


Eagles is a delightful class of hardworking children who are making the most of all the many opportunities available to them.


Mrs Andrews is the class teacher - she really enjoys teaching Years 5 and 6 and has years of experience with these age groups. Mrs McCarthy is our Teaching Assistant and is a valuable member of the team.  


In addition to English and Maths, the children study a wide range of cross-curricular topics. In History, their research includes the World War II and the Ancient Greeks - with a visit to Tisbury by train as an evacuee and creating a Greek temple in their classroom! In Geography, the children study the Rainforests in North and South America.! 


Outdoor pursuits are encouraged in Eagles class with children experiencing the delights of abseiling, raft building, archery, and the zip wire, resulting in lots of team building!! We also participate in a whole range of sporting activities, including, tag rugby, athletics, cricket, hockey, high 5’s, football and the Mini Marathon.



Knowledge Organisers for Autumn 2021

Monday 18th October 2021

As we have only a few days in school this week, we are continuing with our work on grammar and handwriting. I must admit, I have been extremely pleased with the descriptive writing they have just completed!

Please continue with plenty of reading over the holidays!  New spellings will be issued on 1st November.


Calculations will continue in maths - we will be looking at multiplication and how to estimate our answer first.  

For the Year 6, I am sending home a booklet of terms and vocabulary for both maths and grammar.  I would encourage the children to keep reading them through, so they become familiar/revise some of the terms used in SATs.  


We will continuing with Science and RE to complete the units of work on Light and Hinduism.

Have a great weekend!


Monday 11th October 2021

This week in Maths we are continuing with calculations.  We will be looking at inverse operations to solve problems with addition and subtraction.  The times tables focus is x12.

We will continue with descriptive writing in English with an extra push on grammar especially parenthesis to add extra information - commas, dashes and brackets.  Modal verbs and apostrophes for omission and possession will also be studied.

Hinduism will remain in place for RE as will Light in Science.


A big well done to the team of footballers who took part in the Salisbury Schools tournament last week.  You certainly did the school proud! (Finlay, Silvana, Ivo, Corey, George, Lucas, Liam and Woody.) 

Monday 4th October 2021

This week in English, we will be continuing with descriptive writing with the focus on a personal diary as an evacuee.  This links nicely with History and the study of WW2.  We will be looking at The Battle of Britain and how it changed our country forever.

In Maths, we are moving onto calculations and word problems.  The emphasis will be explaining strategies in words using correct vocabulary.

We will start a unit of work in RE on Hinduism and how commitment to God is shown along with a topic on Light in Science.


Please continue with reading at home and asking questions about the text.  New spelling sheets come home every Monday for a dictation the following week.

We will be revisiting the x8 timetables ready for the Championship on the 11th October 2021


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