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Welcome to Eagles page!


Eagles is a delightful class of hardworking children who are making the most of all the many opportunities available to them.


Mrs Andrews is the class teacher - she really enjoys teaching Years 5 and 6 and has years of experience with these age groups.  We are very lucky to have Mrs Southern as our TA.


In addition to English and Maths, the children study a wide range of cross-curricular topics. In History, their research includes the World War II and the Ancient Greeks - with a visit to Tisbury by train as an evacuee and creating a Greek temple in their classroom! In Geography, the children study the Rainforests in North and South America.! 


Outdoor pursuits are encouraged in Eagles class with children experiencing the delights of abseiling, raft building, archery, and the zip wire, resulting in lots of team building!! We also participate in a whole range of sporting activities, including, tag rugby, athletics, cricket, hockey, high 5’s, football and the Mini Marathon.



Monday 6th February 2023


Wow! What an amazing trip to London. Please see more photographs below!


As this week is our last before half term, we will be completing our newspaper report in English as well as reflective writing on our trip to the capital city.

In maths we will be moving on to new units:

Year 5:  revisiting multiplication and division - looking at multiplying a 2 digit number by a 2 digit number in various ways; multiplying a 3 digit number by a 2 digit number.

Year 6: converting units - metric measures; converting and calculating metric measures.


We have been looking at how siblings may vary.  This week in science we will continue with this, discussing how inherited characteristics can combine explaining why there is such a variation. 

In RE, we will be looking at how Muslims lead a good life by focusing on food, clothes, women, marriages and family life.


Having seen many buildings in London after our trip, we will begin to create a skyline showing the difference in structures

(size and material used).  In art we will focus on line, perspective and colour.


Most of Year 6 are involved in Bikeability on Thursday and Friday (9th and 10th February.)   Please make sure the children have a pack lunch for Friday as they will be off site for some of the time.  There is no need for the children to wear school uniform - something comfortable is more appropriate.  The weather might be slightly colder so please bear this in mind.


Have a lovely weekend




Monday 30th January 2023

Firstly, with the residential week upon us, let me explain the homework.

SPaG homework was not given out on Friday 27th January as it would be too much to remember on the day of our departure.

Spellings will not be given out on Monday 30th January for obvious reasons.  We will resume our routine on Monday 6th February.


For activities on Monday, we will be putting together our newspaper reports. 

We will be completing our unit of work of fractions with problem solving activities.

Our new topic of architecture, in art, will start with us looking at old and new buildings in London.  We will be considering materials, shape and purpose.  Obviously our London trip will give us a wealth of information!


Whilst we are in London, I will post updates on the Dinton C of E Facebook page.  We will be definitely enjoying ourselves - try not to be too jealous!


Have a lovely weekend

Spring 2023

Look at this fantastic art work!

Monday 12th December 2022


The end of term has finally arrived and the children are feeling very Christmassy!


Eagles will be off timetable for the week as we engage in many activities such as the Carol Service on Tuesday, Christmas Party on Wednesday and our school Christmas Dinner on Thursday!

I will not be setting homework this week and we will restart in the new year.


Thank you all for your support this year.  I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and enjoy the holiday with family and friends!  I look forward to seeing you again in 2023! 




So many Father Christmases in our classroom!

Monday 5th December 2023


As Christmas edges nearer, we are finishing off our topics and presenting our work to each other.

In English, our own biography on Tim Peake will be completed, peer and self-assessed and new targets set for non-fiction writing.  SPaG homework will be handed out on Friday and that will be the last piece before Christmas.


In Maths we will be ending our unit on Calculations.  Year 5 will be problem solving with both multiplication and division.  Year 6 will be looking at the order of operations (BIDMAS) and problem solving with long multiplication and division.


With units of work completed in both Science and RE, our focus will be on Art and creating our own mosaic with coloured pieces of tile.  The children have already created a design, and now will be concentrating on making it come to life!


This will be the last week I will set homework before Christmas.  We will resume the same arrangements in the new year.

I will be sending home a letter this week regarding the class Christmas party on Wednesday 14th December. That is also the day Secret Santa gift will need to be in school.


Have a lovely weekend. 

Platform Rail Workshop

Amazing Ancient Greek pots!

Impressive writing!

Amazing Ancient Greek Pots!

Modelling with Clay

Designing Ancient Greek Pots

Godolphin Escape Rooms!

Knowledge Organisors Autumn 2022

Knowledge Organisors Summer 2022


Year 6 trip to Salisbury - Pizza Express and Leavers Service at Salisbury Cathedral

William Morris

Cricket Stars

Wear a hat to school day! They were absolutely brilliant!

Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th March 2022  Bikeability

Year 6 impressed the instructor with their cycling skills!

Double Page Instructions. A big thank you to Mrs Southern who followed Corey's instructions and made some delicious cookies for us all!

Woody very proud of his medal!

Knowledge Organisers for Autumn 2021

The final product ... The Anderson Shelters

Anderson Shelters under construction!