Dinton Primary Pupils reading bible together

Being a Church School

We are voluntary controlled church school, but what does this mean?

Our school is distinctly Christian, you get a sense of this as you walk through the school and hear us learn. We have regular acts of Collective Worship, led by out teaching team and local clergy.  Local clergy and Foundation governors form an essential part of our Governing Body. These acts inspire, motivate us and help us to reflect on our lives.

If you travel through the school, you will see spaces for reflection in each room and in our beautiful outside environment.

We have a daily act of worship, sometimes as a whole School and sometimes within individual classes. Our Worship is based on the Simply Collective Worship programme, which provides us with interesting materials for worship on a 4 year  cycle.

On Monday, whole school worship is led by a Senior Leader. This highlights the theme for the week. On a Tuesday we sing with our music specialist, Mrs Askew. We sing to help us worship - 'I will sing of your love and justice to you lord, I will sing praise.' Psalms 101:1. On Wednesday worship is led by a member of the local clergy. On Thursday, we worship as a class and on a Friday, we celebrate what we have achieved.

We are fortunate to have regular visits from Elaine and Jo from the local team and visit the local churches, after who are school houses are named, for major festivals.

Religious Education follows recommended schemes from Salisbury Diocese using Understanding Christianity, supplemented by Discovery RE.

Our school focuses on developing character and all Christian values, in particular wisdom, respect, responsibility, friendship, trust and truthfulness. These values are highlighted in Thessalonions, the day of the lord where we aim to 'Encourage one another and build one another, just as you are doing.'