Dinton Primary pupils enjoying playing instruments

Our goal

Happy Learning for a Healthy Future

Dinton CE Primary School is an aspirational school looking to be the first choice for local families and to play a key role in the community.

Core British values and the Christian values of respect, trust, responsibility, friendship and truthfulness provide the basis for the caring, supportive environment which instils a healthy self-esteem and respect for others in all who work in the school.

The school offers a high standard of teaching across a broad and balanced curriculum, aiming to provide all pupils with the learning opportunities and challenges that will allow them to reach their full potential and to be prepared for life-long learning.

Dinton values tree

Pupils are encouraged to takes responsibility for their own learning and to celebrate effort, achievement and success. Each year, the school seeks to move forward by preparing and following an improvement plan based on experience and focussing on ways to better meet the needs of pupils and staff. Dinton CE Primary School sets high standards in all aspects of its work and aims to provide the best education possible for all of its pupils.

Strategic Plan

In order to achieve our vision the following strategies are suggested:

  • Achieve consistently high standards of teaching and learning.
  • Provide an education that encourages achievement and celebrates success and effort for all levels of ability.
  • Ensure our Christian values underpin our actions and policies and are known to all connected with the school.
  • Provide a diversity of activities to build self-esteem and respect for others, where possible involving the wider community.
  • Increase promotion of the school both within and beyond the local community.

Our goal

To aim to be judged at least 'Good' by Ofsted whist striving to be considered 'Outstanding' in some areas in the future.

Tactics and Actions to achieve our goal

All staff and governors to follow and actively monitor the School Improvement Action Plan, providing regular opportunity for rigorous self-evaluation, appraisal and monitoring.

To have in place a robust, fair but challenging system of performance management with CSMART targets for all staff.

Follow the outline meeting plan and use meeting time to promote good teaching and learning.

Use help from the Diocese following the SIAMS report to support and maintain the Christian ethos of the school.

Ensure the recruitment and retention of high quality staff and encourage continued and appropriate professional development.