The behaviour at the school is very good and this is largely due to the consistent approach to behaviour by all the staff at the school and the co-operation of our parents. 

A high standard of behaviour is a priority for the school and there are anti-bullying and behaviour policies available from the office.

There are often stressful events or situations in a child’s home life. Many children express the emotions that they feel in uncharacteristic and sometimes disruptive behaviours. We do not want to pry into family life, but it would be very useful to let the class room teacher know when a child may be feeling stressed so we can be extra observant and supportive.

There are many positive rewards for good behaviour such as:-

  • a smile or verbal praise
  • stickers or stamps
  • sharing good work with adult
  • positive comments in contact book
  • earning extra "golden time"
  • House points

Every alternate Friday afternoon at 2.40pm we present awards to children during our Celebration Assembly e.g. achievement certificates, soft toy to take home, Citizenship cup. Come and watch your child receive their award.

Click here to see our behaviour and anti-bullying policies