Friends of Dinton School, Wiltshire

Welcome to the FoDSW page. Here you can find out how we help the school and why your support is so important.

If you have any queries, please do get in touch via the school office

What is FoDSW and what is its role in the school?

FoDSW stands for Friends of Dinton School, Wiltshire.

We are the school’s PTA. It is open to all who are part of the school. We also have a number of people that help out that are part of the local community.

We are made up of volunteers and consist of a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and committee members. We meet regularly and arrange various events throughout the school calendar year to raise money for the school. The funds raised are given to the school to support areas where the school would like to spend money but can’t justify it so we help out for example: where parents are asked to contribute to a school visit we are able help keep the costs down by contributing to the cost.

By supporting FoDSW events, you are supporting the School. Thank you.

Who are the current Committee and Classroom representatives?

  • Chair – Rachelle Lavell
  • Treasurer – Claire Stansfield
  • Secretary – Sarah Woodcock
  • Staff Liaison Rep – Anna Southern
  • Robins – Rachelle Lavell
  • Puffins - Anna Southern and Kristy Leach
  • Kingfishers – Kate Bryant and Kristy Leach,
  • Eagles - Sarah Woodcock, Alice Telford and Claire Stansfield

The AGM is held in early autumn and all positions are nominated annually.

How do we raise money, and what has it been spent on?

FoDSW has raised money for a wide variety of uses. For example over the last few years FoDSW has paid for the following:

  • ipads
  • Early years outdoor area
  • Outdoor sound system
  • Three digital cameras
  • Pantomime trips
  • Gifts for Christmas party for the children
  • Outdoor play equipment
  • Picnic tables and benches
  • Sports Day refreshments
  • National Trust Membership
  • Funding to support school trips
  • Christmas concert refreshments


FoDSW have organised several events, including: 

  • School Discos and Film nights
  • School Social and quiz
  • Christmas and Summer Fairs

How Do I Get Involved?

Speak to any of the committee members, class reps or leave a note in the FoDSW box by the Admin office.

Attend a FoDSW meeting, usually once a month.